6 Benefits of Having SaaS Product Documentation

6 Benefits of Having SaaS Product Documentation

Saas documentation has become extremely common amongst various companies, which means that it is an essential part of their budgets.  If the documentation service is up to the mark, it increases the value of your product on its own!

Saas documentation should act as a source of guideline for the users. If it does that, customer satisfaction will be attained. Customers should be considered important not only till the time they buy your product but even after it! This implies that you will definitely continue to communicate with your customers even after their purchase.  Any type of purchase that they make from you should be marked as the start of your relationship with your customer! This is because effective customer support is extremely vital for your long-term success. This is why you must commit to make sure that the maximum level of customer satisfaction is achieved through your service by communicating with your customers on a daily basis.

Getting a permanent customer can cost you five to twenty-five times greater than sustaining the ones already loyal to you! Therefore, customer support is crucial along with your marketing strategies. In order to provide a service that is of high-quality, it is important to construct and manage a compatible knowledge base. This implies that giving the customers a sufficient background about your product encourages them to maximize its use! You must fulfill the expectations of your customers so that they stick with you. Greater customer satisfaction is, therefore, imperative for you. In this article, we will discuss six benefits of having saas product documentation. After reading this, you’ll realize that we’ve got your backs!

It gives more value to your product

Your product consists of a variety of features that you really want the customers to explore. You may also have very high-tech items that people probably know of, but are not sure how to use them. Therefore, if your aim is to achieve customer support, it is vital to establish a knowledge base that is extensive and easy to understand. If the saas documentation consists of systematic guidelines that are simple to follow, customers will understand to solve their problems without having to consult you over and over again. This can be confusing and time consuming as well. Therefore, matching your customer’s expectations will definitely lead to customer satisfaction. This will add value to your product since customers will recommend your product to the people around them. What better than the promotion of your product by your very own customers? This is an ideal marketing technique and will definitely increase your reputation everywhere.

More products are purchased

A product that meets the expectations of the customers ultimately improves customer loyalty. This implies that they will be more inclined towards buying your product because they trust your product, understand it, and know what exactly they can achieve by using your product. This leads to greater chances of long-term success for your business, a persistent level of sales, and more revenue generation as well. ‘Salesforce’ claims that ‘customer retention rate’ is very important for your business’s success. For instance, a five percent increase in the CRR has the ability to increase your product from twenty-five to ninety-five percent!  This strategy is, therefore, simple, yet extremely effective for your business. It also leads to greater customer satisfaction and trust.

Leads to a decreased number of phone calls

Customer support is usually provided by the availability of phone calls. This is also an effective way to deal with your customers since you can easily answer their queries on phone calls. However, is it really necessary? If saas documentation is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, phone calls wouldn’t be required in the first place! Potential customers usually tend to go through your website before asking you questions. However, if you have broken down concepts in a manner where they have become simpler and easy to absorb, half of the people who visit your website wouldn’t even consult you.  They would straight away purchase your product and use it to their benefit. Therefore, rather than being overloaded with endless calls, a well-documented knowledge base can help you overcome this pressure and you can gain more customers and increased purchases as well. This is why saas documents are so important! In order to make exploration easier, make sure you divide your articles in an organized manner. This implies that creating categories along with sub-categories prevents the user from becoming confused and helps the user to comprehend your points more easily.

Helps you to become the market leader

If you offer effective customer support and are also achieving greater customer satisfaction, your sales can increase significantly. This can easily help you to become the market leader and make your existence more acknowledgeable. Saas documentation, therefore, gives your business a competitive edge by getting you more customers.

All important information is organized in a single place

Because of having all important information in one place, not only customer satisfaction is attained, but your employees find it helpful as well! For instance, this makes the training of new employees extremely easy and cheap as well! Your existing employees can also refer to the guides and tutorials for their ease if there is, for example, a bug in your computer system (or any such issues). This means that saas documentation is extremely flexible because it helps both the internal business and its customers as well!

Ongoing customer support

By providing customers access to information that is available at all times, which makes it more convenient for your customers. Rather than having to wait for specific call times and dealing with the issue of time zones, they can refer to your website straight away and solve their problems. It doesn’t matter how minor or major your problems are, a good knowledge base will solve those problems in a matter of a few minutes only! Moreover, every customer experiences high-quality service which means there will be greater customer satisfaction as well!

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